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  • Google952.27-13.32 -1.38%
  • Apple145.82-0.46 -0.31%
  • Dollar/Yen111.7690
  • eurusd=x1.1191
  • usdchf=x0.9718

About Us



Daily-trades-professional platform for trading with binary options. Binary options- a simple and effective way to make changes in the dynamics of the stock markets. Binary options – a new type of contract, which appeared in Russia recently. The advantage of binary options to traditional Internet trading system, is that the placement of binary options requires no prior training or large starting capital. The initial deposit is only $500, whereas for stock trading requires a much larger amount. It is also important that when trading binary options, profit does not depend on the state of the markets: it is important to only the direction of the stock market indices. Therefore, when the negative dynamics of the market, you will not lose capital, but will have an equal chance for a successful transaction. And, we will help you with this! We are absolutely confident that our platform will open the door to the world of financial markets, for many potential investors. As practice shows, the most convenient and attractive is a product that is clear and simple and does not require special knowledge and skills – this ideology lies at the heart of our platform. Daily-trades – a simple platform, which will allow clients to secure investment experience and high income from transactions.




Why do we? Daily trades for now, is the most professional and objective platform for trading binary options over the internet. As absolute industry leaders, we continue to be the first choice for traders who need a platform that is not only the most simple interpretation and quick, but also the most convenient for consumption to trade in financial markets on the Internet. Daily-trades offer a wide range of assets to trade, as well as unique tools that give traders every opportunity to maximize profits quickly. In addition, we are committed to providing traders with all the information and, as well, the essential tips to ensure a high level of education and trade understanding. We offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, dedicated account managers, the daily flow of news, market analysis and even textbooks. All knowledge and all information that may need to traders is in their fingertips!




  • Reliable and objective system
  • Large range of assets
  • Unique Trading Tools
  • Easy to use and support
  • Web application – no need to download software
  • iPhone/Android Application
  • Professional account managers, support 24/7
  • Elemental Profit Taking




Daily-trades offers traders favorable conditions – high and guaranteed interest rate, which will, in the case of a successful transaction, the fixed 80%. Also, the trader will be able to minimize losses in case of a wrong choice – thanks to the payment of compensation in the amount of 20% of the investment. Daily-trades – is an innovative trading company that offers a simple and intuitive way to trade on leading financial markets (currencies, commodities, indices, stocks). We use the world experience – the most reliable platform, advanced software and a European approach to customer service, to ensure the safety and efficiency of your trading. Working with our platform provides maximum mobility to the trader. The platform is fully integrated with the Internet, which will allow to trade from anywhere, from any device – all you need to do is log in with your username and password. Our company offers an extensive portfolio of binary options, so each trader can find your trading style, and experiment with different variations of options.